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Thanks to the collaboration with Roberto Sartori here our first PixInsigth script.

to be honest there is very little of me in it, only the "technical direction", the programming part was done entirely by Roberto.

The script is used to quickly and effectively correct the problem of magenta halos that appear around the stars when the narrow band images are combined to form the so-called Hubble Palette.

In this false color composition the emission from SII is arbitrarily assigned to the red channel, the Hα to the green channel and the OIII to the blue channel.

Since the hydrogen emission is dominant in the nebulae, the predominant color will be green.

To balance the colors the red and blue channels are "pumped" more, this operation makes the stars bigger in these two channels.

Therefore there is a lack of green in the stars which leads to the typical magenta hue in the halos.

This script solves the problem in a very simple way.

The only parameter to set is the intensity of the reduction: in most cases, a value between 70% and 90% is sufficient to guarantee a good result.



The file can be downloaded from the download section of the site or by clicking here

The procedure for installing new scripts is explained on PixInsight official site

The new CorrectMagentaStars script will appear in the Utilities section of the SCRIPT menu.

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