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On Monday June 22nd 2015 The Astroimaging Channel proposed an image processing challenge (read here) based on a set of RGB images of the Markarian chain.

This was the challenge:

1.  Gradient Removal while preserving star color. 
A few months back, I wanted to try imaging my blue channel high up in the sky.  It didn't work out as planned and I have a terrible gradient through the image.  I've been able to get rid of the gradient, but it leaves a bad color cast through my stars.  The challenge is to remove the gradient and preserve the star color. 

As every astrophotographer knows, one of the great fulfillments, for those who loves sharing images, is having an image publushed on NASA APOD (Astronomy Picture Of theDay) website .

Leggi la versione in italiano


Recent observations of comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy showed the presence of characteristic structures in the vicinity of the jet fake comet's nucleus.
Such structures can be explained by the presence of collimated jets of gas and dust emitted from the surface of the comet nucleus.

This article attempts to interpret some observations in order to create a kinematic model of the comet's nucleus.

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